About MYT Window Shutters

February 24, 2021

Australian owned MYT Shutters was founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2005 by Mei Dong with the vision of making the best quality shutters possible in an environmentally responsible manner.

Her vision was to create beautiful, timeless window furnishings that would provide a bridge between her Chinese roots and contemporary Western design.

The initials MYT are derived from the Chinese characters that symbolise the beauty and elegance of shutters and the harmony they bring to our homes. Additionally, the initials connect Mei’s name with her daughter’s name, thus providing a link from the past and into the future.

MYT does not manufacture or sell any other window furnishing products, just like the Shutter Professionals. They focus purely on shutters.

The business now has 30 years of expertise in custom-made shutters and over 10 years of manufacturing experience.

MYT owns and operates its own factory in China, providing them with complete process control and allowing them to innovate, maintain quality, and create the perfect shutters.

They enjoy having complete end-to-end control of all aspects of our business, from the initial design process, material sourcing and selection, through to manufacturing and delivery. MYT Shutters use our own specially formulated paints and stains. Their colours are UV resistant, environmentally friendly, and low in VOC.

The business is based on its three core values;

Innovation: They pride themselves on continually innovating, not just our shutter designs and functions, but to set trends in the industry and to find new ways to become more efficient in our manufacturing.

Quality: They only use the best quality materials. All their shutters are custom-made with care and built to last. The paint finish is the best on the market, and are confident their shutters will meet the highest of expectations.

Sustainability: For every shutter sold, they donate a portion of the sale proceeds to a worthy cause that aids the environment. In addition to that, we are continually re-evaluating our manufacturing techniques, using recycled materials wherever possible, and striving to put the environment first.

All their materials are sourced from eco-friendly channels and are continually modifying our manufacturing techniques to become more energy-efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. Timber is harvested from responsible and sustainable plantations to benefit both you and the environment.

In Australia, MYT’s Plantation Shutters are sold under the Loov. Brand, which has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best shutters available.

In Summary

The above are just a few of the reasons why Shutter Professionals choose to use Loov. when supplying and installing plantation shutters in Adelaide. The choice of materials, colours, and design flexibility required to meet most residential homes projects are second to none.

The same goes for their warranty and support in the unlikely event that one of their products has an issue.

To learn more about the entire range of MYT Shutters, explore our products page, download their brochures or even why not contact Greg Maynard and have a chat.

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