All About Aluminium Plantation Shutters

December 7, 2021

There are times when installing plantation shutters outdoors is the best option for your home, particularly when additional protection of your windows from the environment is sought-after. Under these circumstances, there is only one material to consider. Aluminium.

While both timber and polymer (PVC) are inherently very durable materials, the elegant lightweight plantation shutters that are designed to work beautifully indoors do not have the sturdiness to survive long-term exposure to the environment.

Aluminium has numerous advantages when mounted externally. As a construction material, it is extremely strong, lightweight, immune to water and highly UV resistant. For this reason, it is commonly used in the construction of window frames.

Installed externally the shutter is no longer protected by glazing and needs to deal with the full force of the suns UV rays, rain, high winds. This may include the occasional impact of a flying object!

An example would be in coastal environments which are exposed to high winds and constant moisture. Under these conditions, Aluminium is a better choice than Polymer or Timber, with the strength of Aluminium being unmatched.

When it comes to matching the style of your home, Aluminium is highly flexible with a significant number of colours available. Regardless of whether you have a classic heritage style home or a modern design, it can be designed to fit perfectly.

A significant advantage to installing external plantation shutters is the additional level of insulation they provide to your windows, particularly helping to maintain a cooler house over summer by reducing the level of solar radiation entering the windows.

With the rise in popularity of outdoor living and entertaining areas, plantation shutters can further enhance the flexibility of an outdoor area by giving a balcony, patio or alfresco kitchen greater control over the sun, wind and rain. For this type of application, Aluminium is the perfect choice.

In terms of maintenance, Aluminium required very little care. With a quality coating, they should only need the occasional wipe with a moist cloth to remove the inevitable build-up of dirt and grime that occurs over time. Similar to cleaning your windows.

While plantation shutters will not provide the same level of security or home protection as a proper security roller shutter, when fitted with a locking system do offer an additional level of deterrence to intruders.

For internal use, Aluminium shutters may not be the ideal choice. The solid construction is overkill for interior use, and they will never have the same look and feel of stained timber shutters. There are numerous polymer and timber shutters that will perfectly match your budget and style.

In Summary

If you are thinking of purchasing plantation shutters of external use, then go with a quality Aluminium shutter like our premium Loov. Brand from MYT Shutters. If you live in Adelaide, then why not reach out to the Shutter Professionals – with so many options available we can help ensure that you make the right choice for every area of your home.

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