All About Basswood Timber Shutters

August 17, 2021

For homeowners that have decided to go with timber shutters, a common question which follows is which timber?

It’s an important question to ask as different timber species can have a noticeable differences in their characteristics. This, in turn, will impact how the timber should be used and the price you should expect to pay.

Common timbers used for shutters include Phoenixwood, Paulownia, Cedar, Basswood and Poplar. One of the common underlying characteristics of all these timbers is their high strength to weight ratio.

Shutter Professionals can supply a range of wood options, but two commonly installed options are the Norman Shutters Woodlore range and the Loov. Basswood Shutters. Basswood shutters are one of our favourites as many of the characteristics of this timber make it perfect for plantation shutters.

Basswood is classified as a hardwood and comes from the Tilia family of wood. Interestingly, whether a wood is classified as a hardwood or a softwood has to do with if the tree sheds its leaves. Deciduous trees are classified as hardwoods, and coniferous trees like pine are classed as softwoods.

It is a softer hardwood than other species and has historically been used extensively in woodcarving but is still durable enough to ensure your shutters provide decades of trouble-free enjoyment.

Most importantly, it has one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any wood, making it perfect for creating beautiful thick timber plantation shutters. It is also soft enough to be easily shaped and sanded – keeping manufacturing costs lower than other hardwoods.

As discussed in our article about timber shutters – one of the advantages of hardwoods is their ability to span wide distances without sagging over time. In this regard, Basswood shutters are ideal. They will not weigh down your window frames, nor are they fragile enough to be prone to damage from the occasional knock or bump.

Adding to their resilience, they naturally produce oils to make them resistant to moisture. Rather than absorbing water, the moisture rolls off the wood, preventing cracking and distortions over time. The oil content also makes it more resistant to fungi, rot, and decay.

While timber is not ideal for home areas constantly exposed to high moisture levels (like bathrooms), Basswood is relatively resistant to swelling in humid environments, making it a good choice for coastal homes.

Basswood is light in colour, almost white, making it very flexible when it comes to the final colour options available. It can be painted or stained to match any style of home that you have.

The Loov. Basswood Shutters from MYT  Shutters is offered in around 15 painted colours and 13 stained colour options with coats that protect them to some extent from UV radiation and moisture. Polyurethane paint can also be added as a finishing treatment to make it scratch resistant (this would perfectly match a white or cream-coloured room).

In summary

We love Basswood for shutters and feel it is the ideal choice for people looking to give their home a classic look and feel.

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