The Benefits of Timber Plantation Shutters

May 28, 2021

There is something about the natural beauty of timber that brings a level of warmth and class to a home. Even when painted, wood has an unmistakable feeling of warmth and softness.

While there are so many high-tech building materials available, wood remains one of the most common and trusted building materials in the modern-day construction of homes. It is inherently strong, lightweight and long-lasting. It’s inviting and premium.

Many of the high-end projects that the Shutter Professional works on across Adelaide specify timber, like the beautiful basswood. Even for more value-orientated projects, wood composite shutters deliver a fantastic result for our clients.

The following are some of the reasons why you may choose timber plantation shutters for your home.

Flexibility of Design

Shutters made of timber are stronger than many other materials commonly used yet still very lightweight. This allows the shutter to span greater widths, giving you more flexibility in the design and layout. For example, if your home has wide windows, then timber may be the better choice. Allowing you, for example, to use two panels instead of four, ultimately giving you a cleaner look.

When it comes to colours and styling, nothing beats the flexibility of timber. Both composite wood and timber shutters can be painted with an almost unlimited number of options. Timber can also be just stained, bringing out the natural character and lustre of the wood grain. The final appearance depending on both the choice of wood and the level of stain.

This flexibility will ensure that shutters can be designed to perfectly match your home.

Natural Durability

Timber is highly durable. Hardwoods like basswood and softwoods like cedar are two of the most popular species used for plantation shutters. Both produce natural oils that make them resistant to heat and moisture. Rather than absorbing water, the moisture rolls off the wood, minimising cracking and warping over time.

While it is not always the ideal material for highly humid rooms like a bathroom, wood is highly resistant to bacterial growth, fungi, and decay when exposed to moisture. It also handles fluctuations in temperature and UV very well.

There’s a reason why we have been building with timber for thousands of years.

Organic & Renewable:

Timber is a natural organic material that is known for its longevity. It depends on the manufacturer, but most timber shutters come from sustainable plantations, with the same going for wood composites.

Timber products require far less energy to produce and are both recyclable and biodegradable, having a significantly smaller impact on the environment than man-made products.

The wood used for both MYT Shutters and Norman Shutters that we recommend are sourced from sustainable plantations.

Energy Efficient

When it comes to energy efficiency in your home, a significant amount of energy transmitted will be through your windows. While a windows design and glazing choice have a considerable impact on the efficiency of a window, shutters and blinds can also help.

Timber is an excellent natural insulator and combined with the thick slats used in plantation shutters, can significantly help with energy efficiency. They help keep the heat in during the colder months and allow you to control the amount of sunlight the enters your home over the summer

They will also protect your internal furnishings from UV exposure and fading.

In Summary

While timber shutters will always be a premium product, it’s worth noting that we also offer excellent value composite wood shutters alongside our beautiful Basswood products. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on Adelaide’s best Plantation Shutters and book a quote.

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