How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

January 26, 2021

It may sound like a straight forward question, but just like many aspects of life, the answer is not as simple. Like so many products manufactured around the world, the adage “you get what you pay” for stands true with the purchase of plantation shutters.

There are many factors to take into account in the final price a business will charge, and we’ll run through a few so that you can make an informed decision.

Let’s take, for example, the materials used in the manufacture of shutters. They range from low-quality PVC to Western Red Cedar and Aluminium. Low-end PVC can start at around $280 – $300 per square metre through to Western Red Cedar which can be well over $650 per square metre.

Between this price range is an array of timber species and better quality PVC products.

Another key one is service and advice. It takes time to give good selection advice and the same for a precise measure and quote. We think it’s worth paying a small premium to tap into the knowledge of someone experienced in shutters to ensure you make the best choice.

Shutter materials, colours and installation options – there’s a lot to get right.

Another factor to be taken into account is the retailer. Some retailers start with highly inflated pricing and like to see where they can land after discounting. Not all retailers are dealing with a quality manufacturer and chase pricing above everything else. Large retailers with their large overheads are not a guarantee of a positive outcome.

Many will use discounts to place the customer under pressure. This is hardly an ideal scenario for such an important home purchase.

Shutter Professionals only use quality manufacturers who have a proven track record for a quality product. We do not inflate prices and will never put you under pressure to make a sale. This allows us to concentrate on the needs of you, the customer to give you the best outcome possible.

Finally, we only do plantation shutters. You get the benefit of our experience and a great quality product.

So how much do plantation shutters cost?

Give Shutter Professionals a call and book an appointment – you may be pleasantly surprised!

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