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We only partner with Australia’s premium shutter suppliers.

We understand that your shutters need to be able to withstand to rigours of daily use. They are constantly exposed to the harsh Australian sun. They must be manufactured to strict tolerances for a perfect fit. After years of trialling and assessing a wide range of manufacturers Shutter Professionals recommend the Loov. range of plantation shutters manufactured by MYT Shutters and the Woodlore Range by Norman Shutters. The look, feel and durability of both of these manufacturers will leave you impressed.

MYT Shutters - Love Loov. Love Life.

The Loov. range of plantation shutters are made by MYT Shutters at their own factory. They offer a wide range of plantation shutters that will suit every room in your home – inside and out. The Shutter Professionals have significant experience working with MYT Shutters making us the perfect source of advice along with ensuring an expert installation.

We proudly offer the following Loov. shutters:

  • Basswood Series.
  • Aluminium Series.
  • Polymer Series.

We offer a wide range of colour options:

  • Natural stained timber finish.
  • A wide range of stock painted colours.
  • The option for custom colours if required.
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Norman Shutters - Choose with Confidence.

Norman are one of Australia’s largest and most established shutter manufacturers. The Shutter Professionals have been installing Norman Shutters for decades and know them as a exceptionally well designed shutter brand. We currently offer the Woodlore range.

We proudly offer the following Norman shutters:

  • Woodlore – Engineered Wood Composite.

We offer a wide range of colour options:

  • Choice of 9 contemporary white and earthy colours.
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We Do More Than Just Quote.

During your initial meeting with us, we will help to advise you on all the options available and how we can provide a great outcome that you will enjoy for years to come.

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