The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

September 26, 2020

Most window coverings are just that, a cover for your windows. They either let light and air through or they do not. Plantation shutters, on the other hand, provide a far greater degree of flexibility and a long list of benefits. They will transform your windows in a way that goes beyond just looking great.

Installation Flexibility

Plantation shutters are versatile. They’re not just for the inside of your windows. We can supply and install a range of plantation shutters for windows and doors both inside and out. They can be custom-fit to suit all kinds of profiles such as arches, bay windows and irregular windows.

Control of Light

One of the key benefits of shutters is that they are fully adjustable. The angle of the louvres can be adjusted to control the level of light allowed into a room. This allows you to set the mood of a room with a simple adjustment.

In addition to setting the mood, you can reduce the amount of direct light on furnishings and carpets, helping to reduce fading over time due to UV exposure.


Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for controlling the airflow in a space. With a quick adjustment, you can go from no airflow to being completely open. By adjusting the angle, you can direct airflow through the room as required.

Because plantation shutters are made of a rigid material, they don’t move in the wind or make noises like other curtains or blinds when it is windy.


With many other types of blinds and curtains, you have very little control over how much can be seen through the window. The adjustable louvres in plantation shutters allow you to adjust the angle and see out while making it difficult for people to see in.

Noise Reduction

The thicker material that makes up a plantation shutter provides an additional layer of insulation against noise transmitting through the window.

Temperature Control

Not only do plantation shutters help to insulate from noise, but they’re also great at improving the environmental efficacy of your home. They help reflect heat, keeping you cool in the height of summer while retaining the warmth during the colder months.


Plantation shutters offer a timeless appearance that is ideal for classic homes through to modern designs. They have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the room inside and the whole house from the outside. Like all quality additions, they will also have a positive impact on the value of the home.


Plantation shutters are available in a variety of materials, each with its own benefits. It’s a level of flexibility that most other window coverings cannot offer. Shutter Professionals can supply and install PVC (polymer), Wood and Aluminium shutters. We’ll help you select the best option to suit your needs and budget.

Low Allergy

Because the shutters are made from a smooth material, they don’t trap dust, and other allergens like fabric window dressings do. This makes them easy to clean and less likely to harbour known irritants.


Great for people with small children, plantation shutters are opened and closed with a crossbar rather than suspended chains or cords. This makes plantation shutters an inherently safer choice over other types of blinds and drapes.

If the above benefits of shutters resonate with you and you would like to know more, then do not hesitate to contact us for more advice and a quote. Shutter Professionals are Adelaide’s experts in plantation shutters – it’s all we do.

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